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Cornerstone Clubhouse is a psychosocial model of community support for adults living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. It recognizes the value of meaningful work and is structured to provide this experience to members. Cornerstone Clubhouse recognizes that each person has skills and abilities that continue to develop in this work setting where everyone is considered an important contributor to the Clubhouse community. Members of Cornerstone Clubhouse direct and inspire the program. Membership gives people the opportunity to work and to belong to a community that welcomes them and needs their active involvement. Members continue to grow through sharing their work skills. They come to recognize that their presence is expected and relied on at the Clubhouse.


At the heart of the Clubhouse are the genuine relationships that develop between members and other members, and between members and staff. Clubhouse members, side by side with the Clubhouse staff, work together to keep the Clubhouse functioning. Everyone benefits from the opportunity to participate in the daily operations and decision making of the program. Together they prepare the Clubhouse meals, answer the phones, handle correspondence, pay the bills, receive guests, conduct tours, issue newsletters, beautify and maintain the Clubhouse environment, etc. As members grow stronger and more confident, the Clubhouse community (staff and members together) assist them to move out into the greater community through Cornerstone Clubhouse Transitional Employment Program. Members are so important that without their participation, the program could not operate. This creates an atmosphere where each member is a wanted and valued contributor to Cornerstone Clubhouse.

In order to be eligible for Clubhouse membership, individuals must meet the following minimum criteria. They must:

What is Cornerstone Clubhouse?

Admission Criteria

1. Have experienced a brain injury and be at least 18 years of age.

2. Must not pose a significant threat that would disrupt the clubhouse community.

3. Be willing to commit to the Clubhouse Substance Abuse Policy.

4. Arrange his/her own transportation to and from the Clubhouse.

Admission/referral process

Referrals to Cornerstone Clubhouse are made through CCAC. 

Please see the attached link below for information on the referral process:

If you prefer to find out more information about Cornerstone Clubhouse prior to speaking with CCAC, you can call us at 519-679-6809 to set up a tour.

Dale Brain Injury Services Admission Process