Cornerstone Clubhouse

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Business / Education Unit

This Unit is divided into two areas:



The Business area is responsibile for the administrative duties within Cornerstone;

Duties include:

 •  reception

 •  bulk mailing

 •  creation of all in-house material including sign in    

   sheets, Member Handbook and Cornerstone Fact Sheet

 •  weekly and monthly newsletters

 •  tours



The Education area includes Members tutoring Members  

in literacy, computer skills, Yoga, Tai Chi, meditation and lessons in music and art. Members also receive support with on line courses from the community college. As well, support is given to those Members who choose to return to community schools.

Culinary / Employment Unit

This Unit is also divided into two areas:



The Culinary area is responsible for:

 •  a daily nutritional meal

 •  food and menu preparation

 •  general Clubhouse maintenance

 •  recycling

 •  Café (open until 3 p.m each day)

 •  Menu planning

 •  Community garden plot



The Employment area has many skilled and highly motivated members who have goals that include being able to re-enter

the competitive workforce. The desire to work is the most important factor in determining placements for Members.

The Employment area consists of three different types of employment:



Transitional Employment

Provides members with the opportunity to work on a job placement in local industries and business. TE Placements are owned by Cornerstone and are drawn from a wide variety of opportunities. They are 6-9 months in duration. Selection and training of Members is the responsibility of Cornerstone and not the employer.


Supported Employment

Members own their own job, assistance and support is given with job resumes and site visits. These jobs are not time limited.


Independent Employment

Support is given to Members to secure jobs with competitive wage. Support is provided at the Member’s request.


Cornerstone Clubhouse also offers support to Members living on their own. Assistance is provided by Members to Members. Areas such as grocery shopping, menu planning, general housekeeping and financial planning are offered.


There is an Evening & Weekend Program. Cornerstone is open four nights per week, every other Saturday and Statutory holidays. There is also a Wellness Program that assists members with physical, nutritional and spiritual activities.



The Clubhouse is divided into two work Units.

Each Unit performs specific tasks for the benefit

the Clubhouse and its' Members.

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