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What is Cornerstone Clubhouse and what does it offer?


Cornerstone Clubhouse is a member directed, community based day and evening program for adults who are living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. Cornerstone Clubhouse is operated by and for its members. The day is viewed as a workday and the members are there to work. Members take responsibility for determining the program's overall goals, and for carrying out all activities related to the achievement of these goals. Members also determine their individual goals.


Who is eligible for membership at Cornerstone Clubhouse?









How often do I need to come to Cornerstone Clubhouse?


Participation at Cornerstone Clubhouse is always voluntary and we encourage members to come as often as they wish.


Is there a time limit on being a member?


There is no time limit. All memberships are lifetime memberships.


Does Cornerstone Clubhouse have doctors, nurses, or therapists?


Cornerstone Clubhouse is a community based program and does not have therapists on staff. Cornerstone can refer its members to professional services in the community when needed.


What are TEP's?


The Transitional Employment Program (TEP) is an opportunity for members to re-enter the competitive work force with optimum support from the Clubhouse. Cornerstone Clubhouse staff secure entry-level positions in the community and train a member in that job site. If a member is unable to work for whatever reason, Cornerstone Clubhouse staff will fill in for that member as 100% job coverage is guaranteed to the employer. TEP sites are 6 to 9 months in duration and pay regular wages. TEP allows members to try various jobs, build skills and gain experience.


Why can't Members stay permanently on a TE placement?


Cornerstone Clubhouse provides support to members on TEP that could not be sustained if they worked on these jobs permanently. Also, we want TEPs to be available to as many different members as possible. For TEP opportunities to be effective, they must belong to the Cornerstone Clubhouse community as a whole, not to particular members.













Cornerstone Clubhouse

781 Richmond Street

London, ON

N6A 3H4


Phone: 519-679-6809

Fax: 519-679-6988

In order to be eligible for Clubhouse membership, individuals must meet the following minimum criteria. They must:

1. Have experienced a brain injury and be at least 18 years of age.

2. Must not pose a significant threat that would disrupt the clubhouse community.

3. Be willing to commit to the Clubhouse Substance Abuse Policy.

4. Arrange his/her own transportation to and from the Clubhouse.