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Jackie, a long time Clubhouse Member tells us about how the Clubhouse benefits her:





Martyn, a long time Clubhouse Member, tells us about how the Clubhouse has changed her life:  

Welcome to Cornerstone Clubhouse!

Cornerstone is a community-based day program for people living with the effects of an acquired brain injury. Individuals can learn or regain skills necessary to live a productive and empowering life.

Confidence and self-respect is gained through contributing in every aspect of the clubhouse. People are members of a clubhouse, not patients or clients. Members of the clubhouse work side by side with staff making Cornerstone come alive!


Cornerstone Clubhouse offers guaranteed rights:


    A guaranteed right to a place to come

    A guaranteed right to meaningful work

     A guaranteed right to meaningful  


     A guaranteed right to a place to return



Cornerstone Clubhouse is a program offered by Dale Brain Injury Services Inc. To learn more about other programs Dale has to offer, please click on this link:


Services are available in French upon request.

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U.W.O. Film of Cornerstone

Here is a copy of a documentary on Cornerstone Clubhouse filmed by The University of Western Ontario Film Studies students.

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